I bought this Smashbox #SHAPEMATTERS Palette online and it came broken so I returned it but then I saw it again at Sephora and gave it another try. It is a huge value and has all your need for eyes, brows & contouring including a double-ended brush! The pigmentation is amazing. The eye shadows are all beautiful and are perfect for neutral or smokey looks. The contour shades are great and comparable to the Anastasia palette. The highlighting shades are better in my opinion as they give more of a glow. I have not tried the brow colors cause I’m so in love the Anasyasia Brow Wiz. The one thing that this palette is missing a blush, this palette would have been a perfect 10 if they had that. As a major makeup fan and palette junkie, I don’t think this is a MUST have in your collection. I feel like this would be a great palette for beginners or those who want a single palette to travel with as it covers brows, eyes and contour. I would give this palette a 9/10.

Thanks for reading, xo

Smashbox Primer


It was time for a new Smashbox primer. I’ve always used the Photo Finish Oil free Foundation Primer Pore Minimizing; it’s a non-drying formula that locks in makeup and its oil absorbing so the skin stays smooth. I still love it and I would recommend it to anyone with oily skin but I was just getting so bored of it. The one that I’m in love with now is the Photo Finish Foundation Primer Light, its PERFECT for oily, acne prone skin. It absorbers all the oil and gives you a matte finish. I don’t know why I never got this primer before. It keeps my oiliness locked and helps minimize shine, plus it keeps my makeup looking fresh for hours. Smashbox primers are the

Have you guys tried any Smashbox Primers?

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