Charlotte Tilbury-Air Brush Flawless Finish powder


Charlotte Tilbury, Air Brush Flawless Finish powder… most talked about powder in the beauty world. I also see Desi using this powder in videos, she always talks about it and I finally caved and bought it. When I used it the first time, I asked myself why I didn’t buy this SO LONG AGO? Wow. I was blown away with this powder. I’ve USED many different finishing powders in the past, at one point I even gave up and stopped using them.  This one is most definitely the very best. Not only is the powder unbelievably fine and delicate, the colour is so beautiful, matches my skin perfectly (I got the colour Medium 2). This powder is a great setting powder and I found it works well with a powder brush. Regardless of the way I choose to apply, my pores disappear and my texture is smoothed. I do not find this powder to be miraculous at oil control, but it doesn’t make my face oilier either. I like this powder more because it doesn’t make me look cakey like some of the other ones that did. My makeup looks super flawless, even when I touch up my face. I find that my makeup still looks flawless. Makes it look like I never touched up my face. I recommend this to anyone that’s looking for a new face powder, this powder works great with my oily skin, and apparently this powder is great for dry skin as well.


HYDRATING OIL – Anastasia Beverly Hills

Have you guys tried this oil out? If not…. you guys are MISSING OUT!! My skin is OILY as hell, I have always stayed AWAY from oils (thought it would make my skin oilier). But it’s actually really good for your skin! This is an Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrating Face Oil, sold on her website for $64.00 USD!

I truly love this oil, I’m on my second bottle already (a little does go a long way), it’s super hydrating and makes my skin feel refreshed. My skin was super dry in the winter and I kid you not this oil instantly helped! After trying it out, I immediately noticed how fast my skin absorbed the oil leaving no breakouts and no heavy feeling either. While it is an oil, it isn’t greasy or sticky. As far as effectiveness, it works wonderfully for moisturizing my skin just right to keep my skin from drying or scaling. I use this oil in the morning and before I go to bed. It also works wonders for adding an extra oomph to my foundation to apply and blend it better. It literally makes my makeup application look flawless. I have also given this a try as a way to add extra life to my drying lips or matte lipstick.  I sometimes mix it with my cream contour, dipbrow pomades, etc…it’s seriously so amazing. It smells great, absorbs into skin while leaving a soft simple finish without feeling oily. Makes the skin look and feel younger and brighter than ever before! What more do you need, am I right? Yes. it’s pricey but its soooo worth it!!! Like I said previously a little goes a long way so it is 100% worth the price.




image1 (2).jpeg

 Bronzer HEAVEN! Firstly, I would like to thank ABH so much for sending these bronzers my way!

 I’m a bronzer kind of girl, thats for sure! l’ll never leave my house without wearing some bronzer. They came out with 6 new bronzers suitable for all skin tones! It’s a matte bronzer, with NO shimmer what so ever. I like shimmer bronzers only for when I go out and want to look extra. But for everyday I prefer my bronzers to be matte. These bronzers are very pigmented, goes on very smooth, and blends like a dream. Gives a natural tan look similar to the ones I get from my vacations. Absolutely no orange hue or sparkle. Its definitely customizable as well, you can brush it on as light or dark as you want it. If it looks this good on winter skin, I can’t wait to see how it will look with a-bit of a tan in summer!


NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette

I would like to thank NARS so much for sending me this beautiful palette
before it even came out!

These shadows are extremely pigmented and are very easy to blend out, not
to mention that the palette is so versatile and dazzling. I love the range
of colours in this palette, they go from warm neutrals to pink and brown
tones. These shadows are so buttery, smooth and the colour pay off of
these shadows are extremely excellent. It makes it easy for you to create
looks when your shadows are pigmented, and a little goes a long way.
Another thing I love about this palette is that you can create both day
and night looks due to the variety of colours. The packing of this palette
is amazing; I love the fact that it comes with a mirror because it makes it more convenient for someone who is always on the go.

This palette will be exclusively previewed on & on Cyber Monday (November 27th, 2017). Make sure to get this palette as it would be
a nice little treat for yourself because you know you gotta treat yo self
first and on the plus side it would also be a great Christmas gift.


#FauxFilter Foundation by Huda Beauty

EVERYONE was talking about this foundation before it was even released. And me being a makeup JUNKIE, obviously I had tested it out! When I heard it was matte and FULL coverage I was all about it. I had high expectations for this foundation based on Huda’s snaps and Instagram posts leading up to it’s release, and they did live up to expectation. I was beyond SHOOK at the coverage this foundation gave me. I have combination skin so it’s always been difficult for me to find that perfect foundation that gives that smooth skin look that you get from Snapchat filters. This foundation exactly did that for me. Huda mentioned that 1-2 pumps are enough for your entire face to be full coverage, and surprisingly she wasn’t lying!! It usually takes 2-3 pumps for me to get as much coverage as I need for my acne prone skin, but this foundation did it with just 1-2 pumps. Huda suggests just powdering the oily spots. I did just that with my Mac Studio Fix Powder, and I was so impressed at how long it lasted! I thought this foundation would have made me look super cakey because of the coverage and it being matte, but I was wrong! I wore it to work for 8 hours straight without touching up my face, and it still looked amazing for that amount of time. Usually my foundation starts to fall apart and look odd after a long day, but this foundation kept me looking good all throughout the day. Even my friends were asking, “What foundation are you wearing today? Your foundation looks so pretty”. The foundation is so silky, smooth, blends right in and the coverage was just perfect, I was able to hide all my acne scars with just the foundation! There’s a fragrance to this foundation, but it’s nothing too strong. It actually smells really good. The colour match is spot on; my foundation colour is Amaretti 310G. I have worn just about every foundation at Sephora and this one is right up there with my favourites (Fenty Foundation and UD All Nighter), this foundation is my number one favourite right now!!