Master Palette by Mario

This palette was a limited edition, and of course I had to purchase it, and it’s a palette by Anastasia and Mario like who wouldn’t want this palette right?

Little secret between all of you and I: I actually bought 2 (Shhhh! Don’t tell my mom). Like, I said it is limited edition and this is my DREAM palette, so it was necessary for me to purchase 2. I love everything about this palette from the packaging to the shades to how he came up with the names for the palette. Every colour is named after something important to him. The shadows are very pigmented, blend easily, as well as do not crease, super smooth texture for the satin, shimmer shades and best of all, great buttery texture for the mattes. They pick up so nice on a brush, and distribute nicely on the lid. These shadows blend like nothing I’ve ever seen, takes such little effort, like it is impossible to mess up your look with these shadows. I cannot emphasis enough how gorgeous the shadows are. Like I have mentioned several times before, Anastasia Beverly Hills NEVER fails.


The Bronze Palette | Kyshadow

After 3 restocks it is officially MINE. The packing is beyond beautiful. This palette is perfect for spring/summer/fall/winter. I can’t say enough good things about this palette; the shadows are so buttery, pigmented and super buildable, there is absolute no fallout – what more do you need right? I know for a fact this palette is going to be my absolute all time favourite for a while.


Less pores, less breakouts and GLOWING SKIN!

Once again Sunday Riley has come up with yet another great product I love the LUNA one by Sunday Riley but the U.F.O Ultra Clarifying Face Oil just works wonders for me. I’m just amazed at how quickly this product works. This has kept my breakouts under control and helps minimize my pores (Thank god). It doesn’t dry out my skin, absorbs quickly, gently treats acne and breakouts before they start and little goes a long way. I have only been using it at night and it has made such a huge difference in my skin. I can’t sleep without putting this oil on my face!! I would totally recommend this to anyone with acne/oily skin.

The Martian Mattifying Melting Water Gel Toner has quickly become a holy grail product for me. I have been using it for about 2 months and, I like how it minimizes my pores. I haven’t had a breakout since I started using it; not even a hormonal one (get it?). The slight tacky feeling it leaves behind (due to its gel consistency) is perfect for applying makeup and moisturizer.  Once you get used to the Sunday Riley scent, it is not issue. A little goes a long way, and like I read on a previous reviews, be careful when pressing that pump too hard.

I was initially worried about this, since toners tend to dry you out, but this does not do that at all! It feels cool and refreshing going on and does a great job reducing my pores/blackheads! It’s well worth the money!


Sephora + Pantone Universe Correct + Conceal Palette

My amazing cousin knows I’m obsessed with Makeup so she was so kind to gift me this beautiful Sephora + Pantone Universe Correct + Conceal Palette. Love the concept behind this palette; all of your correcting & concealing needs are covered – especially if your skin tone changes season by season. The packaging feels really sleek and expensive (I must say!). There is a generous amount of each shade. This palette has so many shade choices and allows you to customize to your complexion. The shades are very pigmented and the consistency is very creamy. You don’t need a lot. It comes with a guide as to which corrector and concealer shades would be best for your skin tone. Definitely a must have in your makeup collection or makeup kit!


TOO FACED Melted Matte Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick


I own an insane number of liquid lipsticks – Kat Von D, Tarte, Anastasia, just to mention a few – and I must say that Too Faced Cosmetic’s new liquid lipsticks are marvelous. I found that these lipsticks don’t dry out my lips, making them extremely comfortable and they don’t bleed!They stay on (and stay matte) all day without drying out my lips; I can work an 8 hour shift without having to retouch my lipstick. The best part? They don’t require using a liner and/or primer! But I do suggest prepping your lips prior to applying them (but that’s a given especially with liquid lipsticks).There is such a variety in colours and I can’t wait to own them all (which judging by my shopping addiction, shouldn’t be too much longer lol).

Make sure you try these before they sell out!