HYDRATING OIL – Anastasia Beverly Hills

Have you guys tried this oil out? If not…. you guys are MISSING OUT!! My skin is OILY as hell, I have always stayed AWAY from oils (thought it would make my skin oilier). But it’s actually really good for your skin! This is an Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydrating Face Oil, sold on her website for $64.00 USD!

I truly love this oil, I’m on my second bottle already (a little does go a long way), it’s super hydrating and makes my skin feel refreshed. My skin was super dry in the winter and I kid you not this oil instantly helped! After trying it out, I immediately noticed how fast my skin absorbed the oil leaving no breakouts and no heavy feeling either. While it is an oil, it isn’t greasy or sticky. As far as effectiveness, it works wonderfully for moisturizing my skin just right to keep my skin from drying or scaling. I use this oil in the morning and before I go to bed. It also works wonders for adding an extra oomph to my foundation to apply and blend it better. It literally makes my makeup application look flawless. I have also given this a try as a way to add extra life to my drying lips or matte lipstick.  I sometimes mix it with my cream contour, dipbrow pomades, etc…it’s seriously so amazing. It smells great, absorbs into skin while leaving a soft simple finish without feeling oily. Makes the skin look and feel younger and brighter than ever before! What more do you need, am I right? Yes. it’s pricey but its soooo worth it!!! Like I said previously a little goes a long way so it is 100% worth the price.



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