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 Bronzer HEAVEN! Firstly, I would like to thank ABH so much for sending these bronzers my way!

 I’m a bronzer kind of girl, thats for sure! l’ll never leave my house without wearing some bronzer. They came out with 6 new bronzers suitable for all skin tones! It’s a matte bronzer, with NO shimmer what so ever. I like shimmer bronzers only for when I go out and want to look extra. But for everyday I prefer my bronzers to be matte. These bronzers are very pigmented, goes on very smooth, and blends like a dream. Gives a natural tan look similar to the ones I get from my vacations. Absolutely no orange hue or sparkle. Its definitely customizable as well, you can brush it on as light or dark as you want it. If it looks this good on winter skin, I can’t wait to see how it will look with a-bit of a tan in summer!


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