HUDA BEAUTY- Liquid Matte Lipstick

I love the longwearing aspect of liquid lipsticks where I don’t have to worry about reapplying the product.

Huda Beauty’s liquid lipsticks come in a 5ml/ 0.17 oz tube with a traditional sponge tip applicator. Along with these nude/pinkish ranges of colour, there are so many other shades including red, deep wines, purples & metallic finishes.

What I personally look for in a liquid lipstick alone with the longevity of course, is the consistently. With regular lipsticks, I tend to use lip liner (Huda has lip liners but they don’t sell them on anymore), so I can have a better barrier around my lips. With liquid lipsticks, I can forget the lip liners because the long wear formula sets and creates a natural barrier. In order to have such an effect (were you don’t need a lip liner), I prefer the formula to be creamy but not too thick; light but not too liquid-y; either.

The Huda Beauty formula is very creamy and one swipe is enough to get an even coat – which makes the lipsticks, feel really light and comfortable on the lips. They set pretty quickly without leaving any sticky residue behind. They also don’t budge.

I’m so impressed with the colours, finish and consistency of the Huda Beauty lipsticks. Along with these babies, Huda has an amazing range of products from lip liner, eye shadow palettes to lashes and their brand new highlighter palettes.

Check out Huda Beautys Lipsticks which retail at $20 USD each, on or




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