Loving Tan


I can’t even begin to explain how in love I am with this product, and this company! Loving Tan self-Tanning mousse, gave me the perfect sun-kissed colour without damaging my skin. No orange colour, no streaks, and it smells delicious. There is no transfer of the product afterwards on your clothes. I love that this self-tan leaves my skin feeling super soft and moisturized. It gives me the perfect sun kissed glow… who doesn’t love that right? The best thing about Loving Tan is that there is more than one colour, which means you can get a dark mousse, light mousse or even a medium mousse. It offers a tan for every skin tone which I love because some brands only have one self tanner colour. If you want your skin to look even more luminous Loving Tan does carry a “Bronze Shimmer Luminous Cream” this will leave your skin looking radiant and feeling silky smooth. You can wear this alone or you can wear it over your tan for the ultimate luminous sun kissed glow. Thank you Loving Tan for giving me a sun kissed look all year around!

I have on the Deluxe Bronzer Mousse & Bronzer Shimmer Luminous Cream in the colour MEDIUM.


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