Day & Night Skin Care Routine

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

First off, I am a serious cleanser hopper. I have never found a cleanser that I stick with for more than a bottle or two. This one might be the “one” for my oily skin. It leaves my skin so incredibly soft and clean after use, and it cleared up some annoying blackheads on my t-zone and chin quickly. I am not getting as oily during the day and my skin looks matte yet glowing throughout the day.  I use it in the mornings and apply a little bit on my face and massage it for a little bit. I’ve been using this for almost a month or two and I began to notice that my skin was softer, smoother and radiant. And YES, it is expensive, but you really don’t need to use a lot and I feel that that this bottle will last me AGES.

Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation

Let’s talk about how fantastic this moisturizer is, shall we? It’s lightweight, you barely feel it in your skin, yet it is very hydrating. It wears well under makeup. It has visibly reduced some of my dark spots, my skin texture is smoother, and blemishes are pretty much non-existent. I use this bad boy every morning after I wash my face with the Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser.


Shu Uemura PROefinist Anti-Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil

 I have oily skin and I was worried about using an oil cleanser cause I thought it would make it worse but this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I use this cleanser with my Clarisonic at night and it takes off ALL my makeup. Who knew that cleansing ‘oil’ reduces shine and minimizes pores and takes off all your makeup. My skin is clean and soft and I will never switch to anything else. Hands down, one of the best cleansing oils in the market.

Evercalm by Ren

I love this moisturizer. I use it every night. It feels SO good to put on, super creamy and luxurious, It absorbs quickly, without being oily, and isn’t too heavy (my skin feels moisturized, but like it can still breath).

Luna Sleeping Night Oil

I have used this for about a month now and… wow. I’m not sure how or what Luna Sleeping Night oli is doing exactly but my skin just looks amazing when I wakeup. It’s brighter, smoother, less red, smaller pores and just more ALIVE-looking. Tbh I don’t have much to say cause this product is AMAZING and I think everyone needs this oil in there life. Luna makes my skin feel amazing.


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  1. I love this!!! We use such similar products – I love the Shu Uemura oil (I have the purple brightening one) and the Luna is definitely a must have – worth the price and more. Love your blog xxx

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