ABH Single Shadows!


I have the Aritst The World Traveller & Self Made palettes from ABH, and they are my FAVS. So when I found out that there were single shadows available at Sephora, I was over the moon. I was tempted to buy almost all the colors at one time, but I really had to watch my spending. (Sometimes I really don’t think when I shop). My ride-or-die eye shadows are Metal, Rosette, Hot chocolate, 10K, Dusty Rose and Pink Champagne. The ABH single eye shadows are buttery, smooth, pigmented, longwearing, and so blendable. I use them every single time I wear eye shadow. I cannot emphasize how amazed I am about the formula for the shadows. Get a few they’re worth $16 CAD! I’d even pay more because they’re that good. The selection is wide so you have a wide range to choose from. I’m buying the whole new spring shadows when they’re all officially released on Sephora!

Anastasia is killin’ it.


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