Rainforest of the Sea Foundation & Concealer


For the past few weeks, my forehead has been dry and my t-zone is a disco ball (I blame winter). I apply this with a sponge, and 4-5 drops are enough to give me a very good coverage.It goes on so nice and lasts all day. I have extremely oily skin and this has helped combat a lot of oil. The finish of this foundation is kinda powdery, I feels like there’s nothing on my skin… it looks very natural but flawless!  It doesn’t get clogged in my huge nose pores, and it doesn’t get cakey. I did order this online but my colour was WAY off so I did have to go to Sephora and change up my colour! I do recommend going into Sephora and getting an employee to match your color.

It provides great coverage, blends flawlessly and doesn’t crease. I also use it to cover up blemishes. The concealer lasts all day long, I never find myself having to reapply it. It doesn’t get cakey, nor do you have to use a lot to cover up spots, a little goes a long way. I highly recommend!

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