Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base


This is the second time I purchased Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base. I have super oily skin so I wasn’t sure what to expect with this moisturizer. It does everything it says in the description. It is lightweight, absorbs quickly, and creates a smooth, beautiful finish. This face cream could act as a stand-alone moisturizer, or it can be used with another moisturizer. I use it both morning and night and it does not irritate my sensitive skin. Also another bonus, it does not make my oily face greasy at all. The product is thick, but it almost melts when you apply it on your face so don’t be put off by the thick initial texture.

This product is like having a daily facemask…. it just adds a layer of nutrients to the skin to make it glow and feel naturally flawless. It also smells nice; a soft citrus scent. It may be pricey, but will last a long time, as you only need to use a dab of cream for your entire face to attain a smooth finish.


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