Dose of Colors


I have purchased 6 of these liquid lipsticks, and I love them! They are very pigmented and very long lasting on the lips. The applicator is firm which makes the application a breeze! The colors are both practical and beautiful; I have them in the colour, Cork, Chocolate Wasted, Mood, Truffle, Stone and Desert Sude. They are so long lasting it’s almost a joke! I swear, I do not need to reapply the whole night. If anything, maybe just dab some colour right in the centre of the lip (just to make it more vibrant).

They can be a little drying (like any liquid lip) so just put some chapstick or a lip mask on while doing your makeup and you’re good! Also the price range is amazing for these lippies…$20.00 for amazing liquid lipstick that stay on all day/ night YES please. Overall I’m very pleased with them and would love to buy more.


6 thoughts on “Dose of Colors”

    1. Thank you! Their both liquid lipsticks and the texture and formula is the same but i noticed that the Dose Of Colors stays longer on my lips. I had to replay the Kat Von D lipstick after i was done eating or drinking. Also the Dose of Color is way cheaper!!

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