Tartelette In Bloom Clay Eyeshadow Palette


I own both of the Tartelette palettes and I have to say there BOTH so amazing, the only difference is that the first one is all matte and this one has 3 shimmer shades. Both palettes have amazing pigment and they blend like butter. One thing to point on is to be gentle with your brush on the shadows, because there is a lot of fall out. I love how this palette has all types of colours. From warm tones, reds/browns/gold’s in this palette (mix of everything). It’s a great variety of colours to create day or evening look. I honestly think this palette is worth its price cause you have everything you need to create a look, you can create a matte, neutral, shimmery or smokey eye just by using this palette. I love this baby! It has very pretty packaging, gorgeous colours, highly pigmented, blends effortlessly. If had to choose from the first one or this I would totally pick this one since it has a matte and shimmery shades.


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  1. This palette is beautiful:) would you mind checking out my blog if you have time any feedback is really appreciated as I’m new to blogging:)X

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