Dior Air Flash & Dior Nude Air Serum


The Dior Air Flash Makes my skin look flawless, and it stays on all day. Its lightweight and doesn’t feel cakey. It gives the perfect airbrushed look.It already has amazing coverage, but if you want a heavy look you can build it up for sure. This foundation lasts ALL day. I don’t like to spray it directly onto my face, as it kinda gets messy.I like to spray it onto my beauty blender and just dab on my face. It photographs beautifully and makes my skin look flawless, healthy/glowing, and not at all oily. Highly recommend.

Dior Nude Air Serum is also really good for oily skin. I use this serum with the Dior Air Flash, just to get the perfect colour, because my colour is a bit off with the Dior Air Flash. I have used this Serum alone, it has medium coverage but it is buildable. It’s perfect for days you want a “no make up” look. It’s really light so it’s especially amazing for the summer.

These two together are like heaven, it’s so lightweight and I never feel like I have a bunch of foundation on my face. It makes me look natural and flawless. I don’t think you need both of them. If you want a full coverage lightweight foundation I would say The Dior Air Flash would be good, expensive but worth it.


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