PRO Contour Palette

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 9.48.32 AM

To be completely honest, I was not happy at all with this palette. For someone who had asked a friend from the States to send it to me since Lorac doesn’t even ship here to Canada, it was so NOT worth the hassle.

The colors don’t show up at all when I swatch it on my hand. So could you imagine all of the effort needed for a brush to pick up the product? Ugh. Even when the shades are on my skin I find that they don’t blend well.

For the contour palette, I find that the bronzers are too chalky for my skin tone. The only colour I actually like is the yellow highlight. I would say that this palette is not worth the money and I would still stick to my NYX contour palette which is literally worth a lot less than this palette. The only sucky part is that I am stuck with it now since I cannot even return it cause Canada doesn’t have Lorac.


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