Tarte Swirl Power Contour Bronzer Brush

imageI bought this Tarte Swirl Power Contour & Bronzer Brush with high hopes only because I have watched and read that many beauty bloggers & youtubers that loved this product. However, personally I was not too impressed by it. This brush did not put that much product on my face compared to how much was collected on the brush. I found this brush did not blend any of my powdered products into my skin. I wish the edges were more tapered and I feel like it’s a bit to soft to “contour your face.” The bristles were very soft and long and I feel like the The One Perfecting Brush by Becca  gives a better contour look to your face in comparison to Tarte’s brush because it just goes everywhere and looks like a hot mess. When holding the brush, it is pretty chunky so I feel like I do not have the perfect balance while contouring my cheeks. I did return this brush I found that it wasn’t worth the $45. I would rather spend a little more and get the Becca brush.

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