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I think this is Marc Jacobs Beauty’s first face primer called Under (cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer. I love this face product, it feels so good on my skin and makes my skin look all fresh and clean. With my oilskin, I’ve stopped expecting products to completely prevent oil breakthrough. With this, oil breaks through evenly, gives my face a nice glow, As soon as I use it my face brightness up its like coffee to my skin. it is very expensive so if you did want a cheaper primer I would say the Too Faced Hang Over does the same magic.

Ive always wanted the Marc Jacobs Beauty foundation that actually worked for my skin and this Re(marc)able Full cover Foundation Concentrate is the one that works. A little goes along way. I find the coverage to be so full but if you want more you can always use more to build the coverage you like. Its dries to a soft matte finish (perfect for my skin). The packaging is pretty and looks expensive… the price on the other hand wasn’t pretty. I find that it’s a bit too expensive for a foundation and the bottle was pretty small. I like that its light weight and leaves my skin looking flawless.

To be honest I only got this Face III Buffing Foundation Brush because I have the other 2. I tried this brush with the Marc Jacobs foundation and the Pro Long Wear foundation by Mac. I am so glad I got it, because I love it. It’s smaller than my other foundation brushes, so it gets into tricky areas better. It doesn’t streak, or apply too much product. The application is neater and more even. The shape, position & density of the bristles improve coverage. Did I need a $70 brush? No. So you don’t need this but if you want to have it in your collection that’s cool. I’m pretty sure you can find a cheaper brush that would do the same thing this brush does.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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