Becca HAUL


I went on a little Becca face haul as you can see in the picture.

To start, I got the Becca Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector. This caught my eye when I saw “matte”. This is a primer that targets oil control and it minimizes pores for up to 12 hours. I was impressed with this primer the first day I wore it. It battled my oily skin, and it legit kept my face matte all day long. This is my go to primer for when ever I know I am going to be out in the sun all day long.

I have no idea why I got two foundations, of course I thought I needed them both and I definitely don’t regret buying both after trying them out.

 The first one I got was the Becca Ever Matte Shine Proof Foundation. It’s a creamy, medium coverage foundation that controls oil throughout the day. It leaves my face matte making my skin look so smooth and nice. When I use the Becca primer with this foundation I never have to think “uhh is my face oily, is my makeup melting off my face”. If you are oily please get your hands on this bad boy.

The second foundation I got was the Becca Ultimate Coverage Complexion Crème. Man this foundation is FULL coverage I was so blown away with the coverage. I only use this foundation on the days I need a full makeup look and need all my ugly acne scars to be gone for a day. This foundation can work every skin type but you need to have the perfect primer before using it if your oily like me. This foundation only stays put if I use the Becca primer or the Too Faced Hang Over. If you’re on the oily side I think the Becca Ever Matte Shine Proof Foundation will be better and you can just build your coverage.

 The Becca Ulitmate Coverage Concealing Crème Concealer is very pigmented, light weight and covers all those acne scars and dark circles. Sometimes when I don’t want to wear makeup but want to cover some ugly things on my face I always pick this concealer up. It blends well with my foundation and it doesn’t crease (thank god).

Wow man this Becca Perfect Skin Mineral Powder Foundation is hella pigmented, one tap on the brush and your good. This powder foundation has amazing coverage but it depends on how much coverage you want so you can always build it up. It leaves your skin looking fresh all day. Its perfect for my oily skin. Nothing but good reviews for this foundation.

I love love love this Becca Shadow & Light Bronze/ Contour Perfector. This is a perfect bronzer to add some color to my face! I feel like it gives this amazing effortless glow!!

I thought I would need this Blotting Powder to go with foundation so I can blot my face when I am oily but I didn’t really use this much. It’s an oil absorbing powder that mattifies skin and helps your makeup last longer. I do use it when I use other foundations, its great for mid-day touch ups. Even after I use this it makes it look like I just put my makeup on.

Thanks for reading, xo.

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