Mac’s Soar Lip Liner

Mac’s Soar Lip Liner has been a really hard liner to get your hands on… trust me I’ve been looking for this liner for about 4 months and now I can say its mine. At first I was like umm do I want it? Everyone uses it? mehh it still didn’t stop me. As soon as I tried it I was in love and said yup I need it. It’s a mid-tone pinkish brown colour and it’s beautiful, it’s that lip colour everyone went crazy over when the famous lip queen Kylie Jenner used it. I find this lip liner to be so wearable with almost everything and so many different skin tones can pull it off. It’s a matte finish but it’s not too drying at all and it lasts hours on the lips. I usually use it just alone cause I’m so in love with it. if you see this at Mac just grab it don’t think twice about it.

Thanks for reading, xo

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