My Journey

This isn’t a beauty post or anything its really a off topic kind of post. But I would like to share how I got here.

I honestly don’t think anyone should have to pick there career path at the age of 18… common like I cant even chose what to wear the next day and yet I have to pick such a major thing?  I obviously  did pick one and the one a picked was law. I was so convinced that I was going to be a lawyer and that’s what I want to do and study for. Cleary I was wrong…the second I started school and started studying for exams it just didn’t feel right and I was doing something I thought I liked but I still kept going and telling myself “keep going you can do it you can be a lawyer”. I was pretty much a miserable person when I was studying for my courses. I was forcing myself to finish and become something that I told myself I was going to become at the age of 18. I kept going and now that im on my 3rd year I realized I was in the wrong field and I’m not happy. Even if I did become a lawyer I would always wake up and be so annoyed because I wouldn’t be happy and would hate going into work. But now I know what I really want to do three years later, I don’t want to do anything in law, I want to become a make up artist.Since I was a young girl I always had the love for makeup art and fashion.When I’m doing my make up or doing it on my sister or friends I feel so happy. I enjoy it so much more than sitting down and reading away my life. I feel so much happier waking up knowing that I’m doing something that I actually like and not something I’m forcing myself to do. So all I’m trying to say is you should pick your career path based on what you like and makes you happy, not something that makes you mad or makes you hate life.

Lead your own path, Don’t let others do it for you.

Thanks for reading, xo


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