My Current Face Routine

I ask myself everyday when I’m washing my face “why didn’t I go to Lush before” like holy smokes I’m in love with these face products! If you’re on the oily/acne prone skin line then you should legit keep reading this. Okay so I bought the Herbal Cleanser, its basically a cleanse that helps with oily and acne prone skin. It gently exfoliates your face, it takes away excess oil and it leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean and calm. After the Herbal Cleanser I use the Tea Tree Water Toner, it keeps your skin clear and balanced.It also reduces redness and takes away excess oil. It makes my face feel so fresh and it honestly brightness up my skin. After few minutes I would use the Full of Grace Serum moisturizing bar only at night. This bar helps reduces redness and it takes away acne scars.This bar keeps your skin hydrated and soft. I use this Vanishing Cream in morning few minutes before I put my make up on.This is legit made for oily skin!! This moisturizer is very light, absorbs quickly it is gentle enough for sensitive skin to the point where it feels like you didn’t put anything on. Honestly my skin has gotten a lot better, I don’t get as oily throughout the day anymore.At first I would blot my face 4-6 times a day YEAH that’s how oily I got.. but now its like 1-2 times not even joking!! I highly highly recommend all of these products to anyone with skin like mine you will fall in love with them! Ps everything is natural and handmade (so cool).

Thanks for reading, xo.

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