Bronzer Brush

Contouring is so popular currently and I strongly believe that in order to successfully get the look you want, you need the perfect brushes. I have recently been purchasing many contour palettes and individual bronzers and I am totally digging the bronzer look lately.

In order to achieve a chiseled and thinner looking face – you need the right brush. That’s why I chose to talk about this NARS Kabuki Ita Brush. The brush can be purchased at Sephora and is targeted for contouring and sculpting your cheeks and T-zone. There is one downfall however on this brush and that is the price… (are you ready for it?) it is $65 online (boo..!). If you are not the type of person to contour on a regular basis, I would not recommend it but it does provide that perfect shaped look. I do think that it is a great investment and the bristles on the brush are strong enough to last long.

Thanks for reading, xo 

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