Chocolates vs. Naked

Hello! So today I am going to be talking about two well-known make up brands, Too Faced and Urban Decay. I purchased both palettes most recently and have finally decided that if it ever came down to only having any palette it would be the two Too Faced Chocolate & Semi-Sweet Chocolate Palettes. Urban Decay is a great company and is well known for its naked palettes.

I do think they are awesome but let me tell you all a little smoky-eye story. I was doing my make up to go out one night and started off with the naked two palette. It was going a long well as I used much of the lighter shades to the left of the palette. I then opened my Naked 1 palette and also added more pigment to the eye shadow I already had on from the 2. I opened my Semi-Sweet Chocolate palette and literally LIGHTLY dabbed my brush into the black eyeshadow (this was the first time I used that palette that day) and applied it on the ends of my eyelid for that smoky look. My jaw literally DROPPED because holy sh*t I had dabbed WAY too much black onto my eyes. Even though it sounds like a bad thing, ITS AN EXCELLENT THING – that meant I didn’t have to work as hard as I did with the naked palette for more pigment. The too faced palette was so pigmented compared to the naked palette that I got super excited to announce I finally had a favorite palette (or two faves)!

I have mentioned before how much I love Too Faced’s products and I reveal that this is another FAVORITE!

The chocolate palette has pigmented colors with 16 matte and shimmer shades of natural browns, pinks and plums. In addition the semi-sweet palette has matte and shimmer shades of warm caramels. Deep mochas, bronzy chocolate hues and pop of sugared blueberry. Even though all the palettes are amazing, if it came down to me inside Sephora having the choice of only one palette I would probably forget about the naked palettes and debate between the semi-sweet and chocolate palette. Oh and I must also add IT SMELLS DELICIOUS! IF YOU’RE A CHOCOLATE LOVER AND SMELL THE PALETTES… YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE!

Naked 1: 4/5

Naked 2: 4/5

Naked 3: 4/5

Chocolate: 5/5

Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar: 5/5

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